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The World Market for Mass Flow Controllers, 2nd Edition

Published! May 2012

Flow Research has conducting a new market study on the worldwide mass flow controller market, The Worldwide Market for Mass Flow Controllers, 2nd Edition. The main goals of the study were to determine the size of the mass flow controller market in 2011 and to forecast market size through 2016. The study has accomplished several important objectives:

  • Determine the 2011 market size in US dollars and unit volumes for mass flow controllers worldwide, both thermal and non-thermal types

  • Determine the 2011 market shares of leading suppliers of mass flow controllers worldwide

  • Forecast market growth for all types of mass flow controllers through 2016

  • Identify industries and applications where mass flow controllers are used, and to identify growth areas

  • Provide a product analysis for the main companies selling into the mass flow controller market

  • Provide strategies to manufacturers for selling into the mass flow controller market

  • Provide company profiles of the main suppliers of mass flow controllers

Rationale for Study

We study includes both the semiconductor and the industrial markets for mass flow controllers (MFC’s). In our 2007 study, much of the MFC market was found in the semiconductor market. However, this finding was noticeably altered in 2011 as many MFC suppliers have since made strategic decisions to focus on industrial markets as a way of reducing the cyclical nature of their business. The semiconductor market is notoriously cyclical, and suppliers have historically experienced the same uneven fortunes in nearly direct proportion to their reliance upon it. Many MFC suppliers have entered new markets as a way of growing their revenues, evening out their production rates, and making their balance sheets more predictable.

Primary Segmentation

Read all about the proposed primary segmentation for this study in the Overview above.


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